What are the skills and talents of an SEO expert

What are the Skills and Talents of an SEO Expert by Anandkjha™

What are the Basic Skills Which an SEO Professional Should Have? You have a beautiful business website. You have now a great user-friendly website. Now, what is next? You need more visitors on that beautiful website. How you can do this organically? Start an SEO campaign for your website. Hire an SEO freelancer for your website SEO. Why Freelance SEO services? Check out this post to know reasons to hire SEO freelancers. What are the skills and talents of an SEO expert? You should check out the following skills before hiring any freelance SEO expert. Experience Certification Previous Work History USP Out of the box strategy See more here… Watch… Read More

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Why SEO is Important for Your Website

Why SEO is Important for Your Website by Anandkjha™

Why SEO is important for your website? Why SEO is important for business? Why SEO is important for small businesses? I am going to answer all these questions in this post. You have a very beautiful website You have a wonderful website You have an amazing website Am I correct? But, no one is visiting your website. You can say no business is coming from your website. How to deal with this issue The answer starts with SEO or Search Engine Optimization SEO is important for the website due to following reasons Organic Way of Marketing Awareness Reputation| Credibility Regular User Flow High ROI | SAVE MONEY Watch the video… Read More

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Why SEO takes time and effort by anandkjha

Why SEO Takes Time & Effort- A Detailed Report by Anandkjha™

Why SEO takes time & effort? Why SEO looks like gambling for small business owners? Why SEO’s don’t give a guarantee? These are the top questions related to why SEO takes time & effort? For this, we need to recall the fundamentals of search engine algorithms. Let’s take the example of the Google search engine algorithm. Google search algorithms work on the principle of relevance, authority and link relevancy. Google indexed millions of websites in seconds and create billions of search results. You can check out the data in Google search (during any top search query). Google released so many algorithms update after its incorporation since 2009. Google has one… Read More

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27 Top SEO Secrets That Most of You Don’t Know {2020 Updated}

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is getting tough day by day. Thanks to Google search algorithms and their user’s behaviors. Do you want to make your website search algorithms proof? Do you want to rank your website in top search results for the long term? Do you want your website to be visible to your right audience in lesser time? Here, I have listed out 27 extraordinary SEO secrets or tips for you. Attention: Startup founders, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and marketers these 27 extraordinary SEO secrets or tips will improve your website ranking in Google. Before you go ahead and learn those strategies, I would like to inform you that these… Read More

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How to Hire SEO Freelancer_ 21 Amazing Ways That You Don't Know

How to Hire SEO Freelancer: 21 Amazing Ways That You Don’t Know

How to Hire SEO Freelancers without Lacking Quality? Do you want to know how to hire SEO freelancers?Would you like to know how to select the best SEO freelancer for your website?Do you know how to save lots of money at the beginning of startup marketing? This post is specially made for you if you are looking for the above questions on hiring SEO freelancers. Before diving in, I would like to share some facts and data on startups around the world and the reasons for their failure. According to this survey report by Moyak.com, Every day 137000 businesses give birth or 5 million startups founded and registered. 90% of… Read More

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