Local SEO Services by Anand Kumar Jha

Best Local SEO Services Which Drive Your Business to Next Level

Do you want to improve your local presence?
Do you need local customers for your business?

Local SEO is the answer.

The local SEO give you customers nearby your business.
We provide best local SEO services in  India.
What do we provide in local SEO services?
These are some initial optimizations which we provide in local SEO services.

  • Meta Tag and Keyword Optimization
  • Business Listings on Google places and more
  • NAP syndication
  • Schema Markup Optimization
  • Local Theme Blogging

#1 Meta Tag and Keyword Optimization

Local SEO starts with optimizing the meta tags with right keywords. Meta tags contain meta title, meta description, and meta keywords. You need to optimize the meta tags with keywords without violating the search engine penalties.

#2 Business Listings on Google and More

Listing your business on Google and other local search engines improve your local presence. There are some sites where listing can be done and it shows results quickly on the search engine.

#3 NAP Syndication

NAP stands for name, address, and phone number. NAP syndication improves your local search engine optimization. NAP syndication should be done properly to show quick results.

#4 Schema Markup Optimization

Schema coding or microformats improve your local SEO. Schema codes help search engine bots to understand your business information properly.

#5 Local Theme Blogging

Content is the strength of the website. Blogging on local themes and topics improve your presence nearby. How to do local theme blogging?

What Our Valuable SEO & PPC Clients Saying

Anand is the Best PPC Expert I Have Seen

Anand is the best PPC expert I have seen. He has great knowledge of Google Adwords and always optimized my campaigns. I will use him forever now after trying so many experts.

Director, Nanak Flights Canada

He Did a Great Job for My Limo Website!

Anand Kumar Jha & his team are great and unique in research, optimization, and planning. He is the best SEO Expert with a proven strategy. He did a Great job for my limo website!

Owner, Chauffeaur Services Holland

Very Happy with the SEO Services

Very happy with the service, Highly recommended. Getting results in short time. Keep Shining Mr. Anand Way 2 go

Owner, Team Removals Australia

Thank you so much

Thank you so much for all the brilliant work in SEO you are doing

Owner, The Inner Temple Goa
veer singh scubalov marketing head

Anand is one of few gems in the web-service industry of India

Anand is one of few gems in the web-service industry of India. I used Anand’s services for 2 websites (for 3 months so far) and here are a few reasons which make Anand, a very credible and reliable SEO expert
– His knowledge of SEO is immense, top class.
– He understands the business requirement very quickly and develops a good strategy to improve the rankings. It can only come with a lot of experience.
– And lastly, he delivers you a quality service in the minimum possible time ultimately giving you a good ROI.
I highly recommend Anand.

Marketing Head, Scubalov India

Hire a local SEO expert to implement these all local optimizations properly.

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